Monday, May 10, 2010

My Own Yard

While I am always dreaming about going to amazing places to photograph nature and wildlife, the reality is I will not get to those places very often. I will check my bank balance and say, nope, not going anywhere real soon. Then I might feel sorry for myself for awhile, but I just have to grab my camera and step outside.


I live in a condominium in the middle of a mid-sized town. Now my condo. is actually a duplex on a small cul de sac. I do have a very small yard. Between my wife planting flowers everywhere, and  me putting up several different types of bird feeders, We have managed to create a micro sized wildlife habitat. 

All the photographs in this post, and many others you may see here or in my portfolio on my website, were shot in my postage stamp sized yard. It is easy to make excuses about not having somewhere to go shoot, but that does not cut it. There is plenty of things to shoot in your own yard. You just have to look and find it.

I came home the other evening and found a wild turkey eating some seed on the ground under one of my feeders. Even in an urban environment there is plenty of chances to capture some amazing wildlife photos with a little planning and desire. If you are, or want to be a good photographer, you will find a way to get the shot.


I have located feeders and bird baths in specific locations to maximize my available light and shooting angles from my back pourch. (Hey I don't want to work to hard) My wife's flower beds provide many macro opportunities of both flower and insect shots. 

So you see I have no excuse, even if I only have a few minutes, I can usually find something in my own yard.

No excuses! Get out there and make some good photographs!

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