Friday, March 19, 2010

The Edwardsville Watershed Nature Preserve

Most nature photographers have favorite places they go to photograph at on a regular basis. Mine happens to be the Edwardsville Watershed Nature Preserve. This is a 47acre site that once was the city's sewage lagoon. Formally closed in 1986 due to a new facility being built, the property sat until 1990 when John and Kay Kendall had the vision to turn it into a nature center. With help from the city, many organizations, and private citizens, The Edwardsville Watershed Nature Preserve was built. It is an amazing piece of property that contains woodlands, wetlands, and wildflower prairies'. A mile long trail winds around the property with a nice elevated concrete walkway in the wetland area. This allows for great access for people to see the habitat up close, and it makes a great base for a photographer's tripod.
I am currently serving on the board of directors as the Vice-President. This is a really great place to practice the art of nature photography. I mostly due macro photography here since there is a diverse amount of subjects to photograph. Insects of all types and wildflowers are my main target, but there are plenty of other creatures that you will cross paths with.
Early mornings and late afternoons would be a good time to find me down there. I love to get eye to eye with my subjects, so you may find me in some unusual positions or places in an attempt to capture the best image possible.  I have friends that also enjoy photography so sometimes we will have a a herd or tripods working. If you are interested in coming down to the center and want some advice or help with your photography, drop me a line.

One day I decided I wanted to capture Barn Swallows in flight. Trying to track and photograph these little flying jets was impossible. Then I noticed one on the deck railing and another making high speed passes to harrass it. I focused on the stationary bird and froze the action with a 1/2000 second shutter speed. The background is the lake.

You can find and photograph an amazing spectrum of subjects if you look close enough. Here is the link to the Nature Center's website

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