Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photos of the Day

One of my favorite subjects to photograph are flowers of all types. I love their colors, various structures, designs, and patterns. Today I have posted some orchid photos. Orchids are the largest plant family with almost 22,000 accepted species with hundreads of new species added yearly. They make up 6-11% of all seed ptants. Orchids can be found in almost all climates except deserts and glaciers, but most are found in tropical environments.

The Missouri Botanical Garden's 92nd annual orchid show is now open and runs through March 28, 2010. They have over 8,100 of orchid plants in hundreads of varieties in their greenhouses. I highly reccomend a trip there to see this display. Here is a link to their web page for the orchid show.            http://www.mobot.org/events/orchidshow/default.asp 

I took these shots using a Canon 20D and a 70-200mm f2.8L IS lens. at the 200mm focal length. The hot shoe flash as set to -1 exposue compensation to fill in light in the flowers and make the background go darker. I then darkened the background further in Photoshop to take out and distracting elements and make the flowers be the only elements of the photograph. Clicking on the photos will open them as a larger file in a seperate window.

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