Monday, February 22, 2010

A Week of Key West

Key West Florida is a favorite destination spot for many people who enjoy sun, watersports, and partying.  I took my family on a trip there in June of 2008. I had not been there for many, many moons, so it was good to get back. This was a first time visit for the rest of my family. I do not fly into Key West, as it is cheaper to fly into Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Besides, driving U.S. 1 down to the keys is one of those great drives everyone should do at least once. The funny thing is U.S. 1 does not end at the beach. It stops abruptly about two blocks away in town. Key West is famous for quite a few things, but the sunsets have to be at the top of the list. The famous nightly ritual is to head down to Mallory Square and watch all the street preformers and the world famous sunsets. As a photogrpaher, this presents an amazing amount of things to photograph. Mimes, Magicians, Musicians, Jugglers, and Artists are everywhere. The crowds pack in shoulder to shoulder to enjoy this nightly free open air circus atmosphere. Alcohol is fairly cheap, available everywhere, and consumed in large quantities.
It would be impossible to cover Key West in a day, so I will devote this entire week to the sights and attractions of Key West. Although famous for it's sunsets, their sunrises are pretty awesome too. I am sure alot of people don't see the sun come up unless they are the way home from the bars, or up to go fishing.The photo on the left is a sunset from the Mallory Square Dock looking out to Sunset Key. The photo on the right is an early morning sunrise off the northeast side of the island.  

The nightlife in Key West is definitely geared to adults, but there are plenty of kid friendly things to do during the day.
Simply a great place to relax, soak up the sunshine, and get some great photographs.

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