Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome to Margaritaville

You cannot come to Key West without doing the famous "Duval Crawl". Now for you first timers, that is a pub crawl down Duval Street. Think of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, or Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Duval Street is the main attraction that is lined with bars, shops, bars, restaurants, and more bars. If you start at the intersection of Front St. and Duval St. you can walk and drink all night and not begin to hit all the bars that are on Duval St. or within a block or two.  During the day it is a pretty laid back atmosphere with many families enjoying the sights, restaurants, and shops along the street. At night, this becomes party central and it can get pretty wild. There are several famous bars in Key West, and probably the most famous is Sloppy Joes. This was Ernest Hemmingway's favorite bar that he hung out at while he lived in Key West.

I took numerous photos of some of the places we visited to sample their adult beverages. I did a composite piece here to save space and show you a sliver of the many establishments you may choose to visit. I didn't do much night photography on this last trip, as I was enjoying the night life to much. The night shot of Sloppy Joe's Bar was from my last trip in November of 2005. Luckily I was staying at the Westin right down on the dock area. This made for a nice short walk back to my hotel room after a night of trying to recapture my more youthful days. Let me tell you that headache feels worse as you squint at the morning sunrise while you are trying to photograph it and down your third large coffee from the Waffle House.  
If you have never visited Key West, I highly recommend it. There are many sites and attractions for all ages. The Island is steeped in fascinating history. But my favorite part of the trip will be tomorrows post.

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